Jag gjorde min första film 2009, "Grismannen får besök", en form av sorgsen science fiction i Kramfors, där jag bodde 2009. Sedan dess har jag gjort ett antal kortfilmer, min mest ambitösa och avancerade får sägas vara "Festen".

Festen (The Party) - 2011/2015

Short Film, 23 min.

A sadist coward wants to see the world burn, a group of the self seem to be passive agressively hating each other. A naive nice part of the self takes a cinamon roll and the ignorant self comes and takes the last two. The sadist makes his move on the angry group.

Much inspired by the character Pyotr Verkhovensky in Dostojevskijs "Evil Spirits".

The Party is to this day perhaps my most ambitious project, a Scene Scetch rather than a film that I filmed alone during 12 weeks in an old school/church in North of Sweden. I acted all roles myself with 2-15 characters in the frame depending on Scene. I shot all scenes on the left side of the frame and then mirrored it so that I could light the characters from the right.

En och samma (One and the same) - 2012/2013

Short Film, 4 min.

A short dive into an uncomfortable world.

Fragile steps into an unknown sexuality, the fearsome agressive need to surpress it, and an anxious frightened self.

Also there is a touch of sadism, the joyfull lust for blood.

Jakten på Bollen (Chasing a ball) - 2010/2011

Short Film, 15 min.

In a nightmarish and bizarre sequence of events a man chases a ball through night time streets.

He finds it in a forest, but it has passed the border to Banalateraria Kommunalus and he must fill out forms to get it back. Wolfs in suits confronts him and the nightmare goes on.

For the forest scenes I transported the set decoration (table, chair), sound, camera, costumes etc on my bicycle where we shot these scenes in -10 celcius two very cold days in December 2010.

Ett Vuxenliv (Adult Life) - 2010

Short Scetch, 7 min.

Adult Boredom? Adult restrictiveness.

Fall intro shabby behaviour patterns. Repeat the meaninglessness until death reaches them.

Attach themselves to their meaninglessness. Become dependent by the repetitiveness and it's components.

Have nothing to say. Empty words. Simplifies the world and become judgemental. Coffee. Drinking coffee.

The picture of children. Not the children themselves. The idea of children. Easy. Honest. Criest when it hurts, speaks up when something is wrong. Plays, have no agendas. Not like us.

Jelousy. Shame for the jelousy.

Grismannen får besök (Pig Man gets a Visit) - 2009

Short film, 9 min.

The Pig man lives a depressing life in the small city in north of Sweden. During his sleep he finds himself in a giant gothic hall and is confronted with his subconscious who taunts him to enter a door that suddenly stands before him.

This was my first film and the last weeks i spent in Kramfors before moving out.