The Story of Sven Harald's Adventures (or rather, Vacation)

It was early spring 2014 when I sat in our old house in north Sweden and felt that there was a voice, or actually a creature, inside me who sort of pulled my pants and yelled "I want out! Let me out!". Not in anger or wrath or so, more like a child who for no other reason than boredom and playfullness pulls the pants of the parents. This creature was the young man Sven Harald.

I let him out, and one year later I had finished a script for his adventures that I started filming 2016.

During the last years I've been shooting the story and now it's 2019, almost finished and aiming at a sneak-premiere in Svanö Folkets hus September 2020.

About the film (without giving away the plot too much)

The story is a fairytale of a hero's adventures, where the hero however is a restless, spitefull (almost a little mean) but warm hearted young man who has no interest in great deeds but rather wants to relax, have fun and avoid work. He seems to be from another world and have magical powers, which he uses to for example cheat in card games, steal a pair of sunglasses and teleport himself up a hill that he feels might be tedious to walk...

During a cold winter day in the forests of North Sweden Sven Harald absurdly comes walking out from behind a small tree. He walks around and has some fun in the snow, but as dusk comes so does the freezing night and he gets cold. So he goes to the nearest house where he meets Dorian (Grey) who sits alone in his house, constantly in a bad mood. They fight and argue but over time become friends and Dorien gives Sven Harald some real outdated 19th century advices for his adventure/vacation in the world.

And off he goes! During his aimless and clueless adventures he meets all sorts of characters - William the travling Free-church Reverend who practices his singing voice, Jessika the unemployed magician who makes smoke bombs, Janne B in a park in Stockholm who speaks about the temple knights and offers lukewarm beer, Luka the musician who robs tourists in Hamburg, Caner the coke king, and many more...

And lastly the sack will be tied together and the hero's journey completed, but how that will happen you will have to see for yourself once the film is finished ;)

*Below you find a few screenshots from the film*

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