Born in Sweden in September 1984.
The forest, it's mysteries and feeling of home is in many ways the foundation of my work. This combines with an interest for weird, peculiar social situations and awkward characters.

2005 – 2009 I studied Philosophy at Stockholm University in Sweden. Focus on Epistemology and Rationality of Science

2009 – 2010 I studied 3D Animation at Powerhouse Kramfors in Sweden.

2010-2011 I studied Philosophy at the University of Dalarna in Sweden. Focus on Moral and Political Philosophy.

2011-2016 I studied Film Directing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. I made three films during this time - The Party, One and the Same and Last day on the Countryside.

The Party was the project where I really discovered my love of film: a twenty minute scene sketch rather than a film that I shot alone during 12 weeks in an old school/church in north of Sweden. I acted all roles myself with 2-15 characters in the frame depending on scene. I shot all scenes on the left side of the frame and then mirrored it so that I could light the characters from the right. I then staged a form of office party (all characters obviously being the same) that went down the drain and ended in murder. Sadly "inspired" by the terrorism acts of Breivik and the growing racism in Sweden and the book Evil Spirits by Fjodor Dostojevskij where the snake chracter "Piotr Stepanovic" eats himself into the minds of other people.

2016 I started working on my First Feature Film Sven Harald's Adventures.

2016-2021 I founded and acted as Festival Producer for the High Coast Film Festival in north of Sweden. A small Festival niched on local films and international no-budget Art House. Proud to have established it as a serious and dedicated quality festival in the region.