The Story of Sven Harald's Adventures (or rather, Vacation)

It was early spring 2014 when I sat in our old house in north Sweden and felt that there was a voice, or actually a creature, inside me who sort of pulled my pants and yelled "I want out! Let me out!". Not in anger, more like a little boy who for no other reason than boredom and playfullness pulls the pants of his parents. This creature was the young man Sven Harald.

I let him out, and one year later I had finished a script for his adventures that I started filming 2016.

During the last years I've been shooting the story and am now almost finished and aiming at a sneak-premiere in Svanö Folkets hus September 2020.

A little presentation of the film (without giving away the plot too much)


The Story of Sven Harald's adventures follows a young man who escapes boredom (read: his job) to visit another world. He wants to live, have fun, meet friends and find love.

On his departure he is contacted by a camera team who says that he must marry in the new world before the warmest summer day or all will be lost. He ignores the mission he is given saying "you only want this for your movie, I don't care".

Due to a lack of partnership with the main character the camera team contacts Sven Harald's bitter and jelous co-worker Mohamed, who will narrate the story for them and has every intention of overtaking the film.

In the new world, which happens to be our world, Sven Harald appears from behind a tree during a cold winter day. Seemingly having magical powers he uses them not for good nor for bad, but for things like cheating in card games for no apparent reason other than to make his opponent angry.

On his adventures Sven Harald meets with Dorian who struggles with Heidegger and gives him advices for his trip, Jari who tells him about the temple knights and the return of Jesus. He meets Luka, Andrija & Aron who robs and beats him, Caner who guides and comforts him. And of course Jessika, the magician whom he falls in love with. After she robs and tricks him. His adventures follow the journey of a hero, albeit not a very noble one and certainly not one with any actual goals in mind other than vacation.

Meanwhile Mohamed has realized the camera team needs him and now has complaints about the script he thinks needs improvements. He pushes further and further in his demands of cake & candy, a cat, a pink fur, a cylinder hat, more money and more camera time...

But neither Sven Harald's abscence nor Mohameds new career have not gone unnoticed. As Sven Harald relaxes on a couch all summer, the warmest day draws nearer. Will he wake up and act, or will his careless attitude finally catch up with him?


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