Sven Harald's Adventures

This will be my feature film debut. I worked on this film for 8 years. 2014 I started writing the story. 2016 I started filming and now 2022 it's about to be finished.

It's taken forever and I lived in this world for so many years now it has somehow become part of me.

A rescue is that it's a fun world to be in where all my characters - whatever they might be - are ruthlessly themselves.

It's May 2022 and the Premiere is set to October this year. The film is almost done - if you wish to know more read below (SE and EN) or contact me.

Sven Harald's Adventures is a fictional comedy film in the form of Development Novel that also mocks the genre and reflects on the medium itself.

The film follows Sven Harald, a lazy man who has lived in an Office Unit in the Underworld his entire life. Now at the age of 36 he escapes to "Overearth" to have fun. Left behind him is his jelous and bitter co-worker Tobias who narrates the story speaking directly to the audience, often questioning the decisions of Sven Harald and the value of the story.

Sven Harald goes on a anticlimatic Hero's Journey where his fantasies and dreams about free life meet the not so fantastic every day lifes of other people. It is a film about a production constantly on the verge of falling apart, pettiness and quirky situations. But in it's core it's a story about hopefulness and the will to live.

STILLS from the Film