Sven Harald's Adventures

104 min, Comedy
Written and Directed by Jonatan Petré Brixel

This is my feature film debut. I started writing 2014 with a feeling of having a nagging child inside of me who wanted to be let out - Sven Harald.

I gave him some framework in the form of challanges, temptations etc and finished writing 2015. 2016 I started filming and now 2022 the film is done!

It's also my graduation film from the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, HfBK.

About the Film

Sven Harald's Adventures is a fictional comedy loosely following the structure of "The Hero's Journey". It uses low-keyhumor and watches it's characters with a keen interest for the innocent and unreflected.

The Film follows Sven Harald, a lazy office worker from Hell who escapes from work to have some fun at "Over Earth". Behind him he leaves his jealous co-worker Tobias who acts as narrator in the film sitting in a cold shitty box room. Hell is more of a under financed office than a burning... well, hell.

In the free world Sven Harald meets with a self hating Dorian (Gray) who tries to read Heidegger, a happy con artist in Jessika Hex who deceives him, a bitter Luka who plays music and robs tourists. And many more.

It is a story about a production constantly on the verge of falling apart, pettiness and lack of ambition. But it's also a story about the fragility of innocence, dreams and happiness.

The Film is funded by Film Institute Hamburg-Schleswig Holstein as well as Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg.

It's produced by my own company Petre Brixel Produktion AB

Below: Trailer and Stills from the film.

Credit:Jonatan Petré Brixel